>New Years Resolution


Do you have in mind already your new years resolution? i knew this is the first thing we does when the new year comes. before i used to have a lot in my list but i always failed to fulfill them all. Now i also have few in mind but i will try my best to discipline myself and fulfill my resolution. I will just share one, and that is to have a savings this year. I always have one but i decided to close my acount when i withdrew it for an unforeseen expense. But this time i wanted to have a saved money not only when i need it the most but most importantly for the future. I wanted to minimize my expenses for beauty and wardrobes. I also regret having a huge collections of magz which are not necessary when practicality is in question.
Nevertheless, its always inspiring to have a list of resolutions to do when the year comes. But its always how we do it to fulfill those promises that matter in the end.

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