>How to Drive MOre Traffic

>Of course our primary aim on our blog is to drive more traffic to increase our pagerank. How can we do this:

There are several methods by way we can increase our traffic.

1. Update your blog regularly, this is the best thing to do if you want to invite visitors of your blog.
2. Ask for link exchange, backlinks is still the best method by which you can create popularity of your blog.
3. Always do some blog visits and return visits often, This way you can maintain yur blog ranking and even increased your traffic.
4. Submit your sites to blog directories.
5. Participate in forums and always have put your url as your signature.
6. Create a sitemap for your blog.

Heres how you can create a sitemap:

a. Visit Blogger Sitemap Generator
b. Type the url of your blog with complete address – including the dash and the trailing slash at the end.
c. Click the Create Blogger Sitemap button.
d. You can see the google webmaster tools being given – (its like a code – when you have more than 500 posts then you will surely have 2 sitemap address preferably)
e. Copy it in different programs like notepad or wordpad.
f. Dont forget to click the submit button for yahoo and bing.
g. Then, log in to Google Webmaster
h. Click the site you want to put the sitemap.
i. on the left corner of the page ; click site configuration
j. Then click sitemaps – Then click the submit sitemap button.
k. Paste the sitemap address you have copied at your notepad then thats it, wait for about a day for it to be feed in the google sitemap.

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