>Sinulog Festival


The Philippines is the home of unique culture and mixed races. It is indeed breed with so many cultural traits which is an influenced of the races that had once dominated the country. It is not surprising if we see many uniqe faces as we roam around the city, there are even pure Spanish and some are japanese inspired. In terms of our culture, we also adopted the different rituals of our old folks which until now we pay tribute. One of the festivities of the country that is much awaited is the Sinulog Festival of Cebu. IT is really visited by millions of tourists not only locally but even tourists from abroad which were amazed of the spectacular preparation of the city. THe expactaular floats and the festival itself which is the highlight of the event is the most awaited part of the celebration. The festival is also participated by different festivities in the country and there they compete with one another to vie for the spectacular presentation. The Sinulog Festival is done every 3rd sunday of the month. And THis year it falls on the 16th of the month. I once attended this most fabulous events and i really enjoyed my stay in cebu with my bf then and former friends. We attended different street parties and shopping to the max because of discounts and different mall activities for the said festivities. The festival is one of the must seen event you ought not to miss.

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