Somehow i always believe that friends are important in our life and also no matter how we hate critiques and intrigues, its also one way to reflect on ourselves – on how we deal with others. When you are sorrounded by a negative vibes already and people seems to talk a lot about you that irritate your ears, then why dont you think first and try to reflect if you are doing good towards others. Are you relating them well? are you good to them? or maybe you think its time to change your color and switch to the one accepted by all. Attitudes is determining factor of how you are as a person. When youre liked by many then it means, you are humble enough. But if you are disliked by many then better go to the mirror and asked ” whats wrong with me?”. I always believe that as long as you are not doing anything then theres no reason to be botheres by what other people says and think. But sometimes its also helful to entertain some of their feedbacks coz it will help you repair some of the non-acceptable traits and bargain it with the positive traits you have. People have innate traits, thats true but there are also traits that are just acquired which are a product of overconfidence and polluted air.

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