>Earning through PTC sites


Pay to click sites are also a good source of your online earning. I have tried it and tested too. So far i am maintaining two sites which paid me pretty well. Pay to click ventures is basically just clicking the ads of the advertisers and wait for few seconds for your clicks to be credited. There are numerous sites that offers great payment scheme and incentives however few of it too are just spammers. You should be careful in choosing the site you wanted to maintain and even invest coz you might end up a victim of them. Ive knew a friend who invest some of her money to a claimed legit PTC sites but after doing the clicking and paying, it just didn’t gave her money when she withdraws it. The site told her instead that she should invest as a qualified member before she can withdraw her earnings. I believe you know some strategies of them, first you will be registered as standard member and as time goes by you should upgrade your membership and thats the time they will do the tricks. Better be careful guys, But over and above, when you stumble at the right site. Its worth of the investment and the time.

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