>How to Earn @ Adgitize


Adgitize is the new trend in earning online while driving traffic to your site. Yes, this is a new avenue where you can hit two stones in just one bird. I registered in the site long before but its only now that i concentrate gaining point on them.
For a newbie like me, here is a complete guide as to how you can reached the maximum points needed to earn bucks monthly.


To gain points in adgitize, you must visit publishers and click on the adgi ads. If you visit 101 publishers, you’ll gain 100 click points, however, if you are advertiser, you just need to visit and click 51 publishers to gain 100 click points.

for 100 article points, you just need to publish post to your blog which is linked to adgitize.

for advertiser points, just advertise in adgitize, it will just cost your $14 per month, which you can earn back by earning these points. I earn 65-70 cents every day, that is if I don’t feel lazy hehehe…

for adview points and pageview points, once you put the adgitize widget on your blog, you will earn those points, however the points are not consistent, it depends on the pageviews and visits to your blog.


Register Now.

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