>The Monster Quake : How we can HELP Rebuild Japan


Last March 11, 2011, the whole world was bombarded by the schocking news of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan and its nearby provinces. This was the one of the most terrifying earthquake in the history of Japan’s natural disasters. The tragic event leaved a mashing death toll and a huge swath of devastation in its wake. The live telecast of news anchor giving reports of the horrific incident was indeed very devastating. You can see the tsunami that hit quickly the place near the coreline of the pacific. You could see on your television thousands of people who were homeless, cars that were swiftly hit by the waves and even boats that were floating at the city. Those horrific pictures of the tragedy in Japan didnt stop there. At present, there is the catastrophe of the possible meltdown of the reactors in their Nuclear plants that added the place’s misery.

Japan is crying for help and they need our help. PLease be with us to knock the whole world for assistance in whatever way possible to reach out to people in Japan. Here are some of Japan’s relief Organizations. Please do share.

You can give your donations to :

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake. Its time to act and do something for the world. Isnt it best to share even just a penny and make a difference. Start your work of charity, here in Japan’s tragedy.

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