A Social Network that Pays

Are you a social media magnet? I knew the feeling when you cant even checked your facebook and twitter for a couple of days. Its normal as what everybody says. Nevertheless for people who are really earning pretty well in the net, its not a wise move sitting in front of your PC without something to gain. Some people like me hits two birds in one stone. I go for sites that lets me earn while im enjoying. Pardon me guys, but i have nothing against Facebook, of course its also my favorite site as it gives me updates of my friends and lets me share my status to other. But for practicality purpose, i am hooked with a site that lets me make money in just visiting and clicking their site.

Of course you wanna know what the site is, Calm down..im giving it to you in just a second. Okey here we are… If you wanted to augment your paypal account  by just enjoying and posting to your walls like what youre doing at Facebook, then its time switch here.

The good thing it can gives you money while enjoying some browsing with your friends profile. Once you earned $25, youre ready for cash out. Common try it out.

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