Earn at Toneaday

Have you heard of Toneaday? Well if you havent its time to check this out. This is another money portal letting you earn by rating phrases. There are times youll be invited to a campaign which lets you earn more. You will surely have fun rating those phrases depending on your emotions. The more phrases you rate the more toneaday points youll earn. Check the site out.



i am loaded with few online tasks today so its no wonder that im pretty busy now. I just finished three reviews and proceed to some blog works. Lately i stumble on a site that is ideal for online earnings. Im kinda figuring out how i can best share it to my readers..lets see. Hows your day guys?

Get Paid to Watch

If youre tried of finding ways to earn, then heres what ive got. You can be paid by watching. True.

Heres another incredible site ill share again. Its called Paid2YouTube and its incredibly easy to earn. Their minimum payout is $10.00. If you want some help, just leave me some comments.

A Social Network that Pays

Are you a social media magnet? I knew the feeling when you cant even checked your facebook and twitter for a couple of days. Its normal as what everybody says. Nevertheless for people who are really earning pretty well in the net, its not a wise move sitting in front of your PC without something to gain. Some people like me hits two birds in one stone. I go for sites that lets me earn while im enjoying. Pardon me guys, but i have nothing against Facebook, of course its also my favorite site as it gives me updates of my friends and lets me share my status to other. But for practicality purpose, i am hooked with a site that lets me make money in just visiting and clicking their site.

Of course you wanna know what the site is, Calm down..im giving it to you in just a second. Okey here we are… If you wanted to augment your paypal account  by just enjoying and posting to your walls like what youre doing at Facebook, then its time switch here.

The good thing it can gives you money while enjoying some browsing with your friends profile. Once you earned $25, youre ready for cash out. Common try it out.

Got My Payment


THis is my payment for the month of March in one of the paying sites ive joined. The moment it was sent to me, i felt so happy because at last i can now enjoy the fruit of my hard earned labor. How about you, how much did you made this month?

>How to Earn @ Adgitize


Adgitize is the new trend in earning online while driving traffic to your site. Yes, this is a new avenue where you can hit two stones in just one bird. I registered in the site long before but its only now that i concentrate gaining point on them.
For a newbie like me, here is a complete guide as to how you can reached the maximum points needed to earn bucks monthly.


To gain points in adgitize, you must visit publishers and click on the adgi ads. If you visit 101 publishers, you’ll gain 100 click points, however, if you are advertiser, you just need to visit and click 51 publishers to gain 100 click points.

for 100 article points, you just need to publish post to your blog which is linked to adgitize.

for advertiser points, just advertise in adgitize, it will just cost your $14 per month, which you can earn back by earning these points. I earn 65-70 cents every day, that is if I don’t feel lazy hehehe…

for adview points and pageview points, once you put the adgitize widget on your blog, you will earn those points, however the points are not consistent, it depends on the pageviews and visits to your blog.


Register Now.

>I won $25


I wanted to share with you guys my experience with a pay to post site which gave i won $25 as an outstanding postie. When they did the review, i was so lucky that they choose me as a 5th price recipient. Lucky me indeed. Honestly, i love how the site goes, they gave larger bucks for bloggers who really gave an honest reviews and quality content. They reward bloggers better thatn what others has. Thanks to them. If you wanted to know what this site is all about, leave me a comment and ill give you the url. This is indeed what bloggers are lookin for in a pay to review/ post site. Until then.

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