Can’t Acess

I am having a hard time accessing my other blog. I dont know if blogger is just doing some maintenance or what? It kinda pissed me coz i still have pending tasks in that blog. Anyway, its friday the 13th now? Are you scared? I hope not, there is basically no reason why we should be scared of because God is always with us.

On a more lighter note, i just got my own domain for this blog and i also avail of a new webhosting service. Its currently under process now and i hope things will be fix well. Thanks to the goodness of Mommy Rubz. Anyway, hows your day doing guys?



i am loaded with few online tasks today so its no wonder that im pretty busy now. I just finished three reviews and proceed to some blog works. Lately i stumble on a site that is ideal for online earnings. Im kinda figuring out how i can best share it to my readers..lets see. Hows your day guys?

Good Morning

I just dropped by to greet you a good morning. This signals my new passion for updating this blog. I am more determined now to pursue a blog in wordpress and 2 other blogs at blogspot. Anyway, how are you doin there? By the way, is there someone here who knows how to install a shoutbox at wordpress? I heard that they dont allow shoutbox but i can see shoutbox in some wordpress blog. Is it possible guys?

>Hows Your Day

>Hows your day guys? Hope u are doing so great. Its been such a while and the month of February will come at its end. Did you enjoy the Love month? or did u have a date? Well i knew sounds personal but i hope u are happy.


..i was able to slowly familiarize myself with wordpress. Im sure after a while ill be familiar with the site anymore. Im just happ now because of a lot of things. Indeed i am lucky this year. Hope this will continue until the end of the year. Time for me to go now and rest coz its going to be a busy week for me. Goodnight guys.

>Bunch of Tasks


Thankful that i have lots of assignment this month and blessings poured consistently.I just hope that this will continue. I knew been neglecting this blog for quite a few days but that is because i was busy for other site and also blog hopping to regain the traffic of my other sites. I now know how hard it is to maintain lots of sites but i dont regret rather im happy that i have these sites that really gave me lots of molah. Anyway, i will be off now, im thinking of going downtown to buy sweets. Bye for now.

>Happy Weekend


How time flies, before we knew it, the month of January is almost ending. I knew we all have some resolutions to fulfill, how is it doing guys? Tomorrow is the best time to hang out again and bond with people special to us, Lucky that im with my family now but my brother is in Bohol now for a meeting and might be flying to Manila by next week.My week has been so great so far and this year in general. Been doing some stuff lately that i enjoy and also been happy and contented of life. Well, i do hope you enjoy your week, happy weekend guys, i will blog hop first and try to be updated with my blogger friends.

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