I earned $103.42

THiis is true, i just checked my account from this site and mind you my total earnings from them is $103.42. This is really amazing. My other sites, it took me several years to achieve that kind of earning but in this site, it just took me a month. Well of course you dont believe it now, but i assure you. THIS IS TRUE. I hope i can post an image of my currents earnings. Anyway, if you feel interested, just leave me a message so that i could give you the site url and how i earn it.

Copyright and Copyleft

Copyright is something that we all heard of most often. It usually deals with some unauthorized use or distribution of a content or a part of an intellectual property of a person. Maybe i am aware of this term but did you know that there is a term called Copyleft, its a term used to let communities or other users used a certain intellectual property. Its by way a permitted distribution from the owner itself.

Its a new term for me, just want to share.

Import Blog Posts

I just imported my posts from one blog and decided to concentrate on this blog. I do hope that you will like it guys. Anyhow, just leave me some comment pls.

Had Grocery

i am done doing my weekend grocery, im gald im done coz i am not in the mood to do so. I am thinking to bring with me my nephew but since she is not feeling well i just decided to make her stay at home. Well, thank God i had the chance to update this wordpress blog of mine coz no matter how i try to do so i always forgot to do so. I envy some blogger friends who really had made it updating their multiple blogs, im sure in time i can manage all those. Anyway, happy weekend bloggers.


I wanted to make a focus in this wordpress blog of mine but failed always. This time i really wanted to learn more about this hosting and familiarize myself so that i could have a site run by wordpress that is active and will eventually transform into earning page. First off that bothers me is that i dont know how to add links and other blogrolls here. Time for me to read more and ask some bloggers too, what you think?

Happy New Year

its been a decad since i last update this blog, so before the year ends, allow me to greet you guys a Happy New Year to one and all, i hope that everybody is doing fine. I knew its going to be a brand new year again and New Year’s Resolution is once again done. Speaking of, might post my resolution here. So watch up guys.

Starting Over Again

Life is painful indeed, n o matter how we hide these things, you will really be hurt at the end especially when its about the man you loves, how would u feel when the man u loved marry already> Its like a knife cuts your heart because of the unending pain you cant control all through out, no matter how you try to take the pain for granted, still it burst out. I wish i can try this one more time, remembering him but i dont remember the feelings anymore

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