I earned $103.42

THiis is true, i just checked my account from this site and mind you my total earnings from them is $103.42. This is really amazing. My other sites, it took me several years to achieve that kind of earning but in this site, it just took me a month. Well of course you dont believe it now, but i assure you. THIS IS TRUE. I hope i can post an image of my currents earnings. Anyway, if you feel interested, just leave me a message so that i could give you the site url and how i earn it.


Copyright and Copyleft

Copyright is something that we all heard of most often. It usually deals with some unauthorized use or distribution of a content or a part of an intellectual property of a person. Maybe i am aware of this term but did you know that there is a term called Copyleft, its a term used to let communities or other users used a certain intellectual property. Its by way a permitted distribution from the owner itself.

Its a new term for me, just want to share.

Good Morning

I just dropped by to greet you a good morning. This signals my new passion for updating this blog. I am more determined now to pursue a blog in wordpress and 2 other blogs at blogspot. Anyway, how are you doin there? By the way, is there someone here who knows how to install a shoutbox at wordpress? I heard that they dont allow shoutbox but i can see shoutbox in some wordpress blog. Is it possible guys?

Import Blog Posts

I just imported my posts from one blog and decided to concentrate on this blog. I do hope that you will like it guys. Anyhow, just leave me some comment pls.

>The Monster Quake : How we can HELP Rebuild Japan


Last March 11, 2011, the whole world was bombarded by the schocking news of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan and its nearby provinces. This was the one of the most terrifying earthquake in the history of Japan’s natural disasters. The tragic event leaved a mashing death toll and a huge swath of devastation in its wake. The live telecast of news anchor giving reports of the horrific incident was indeed very devastating. You can see the tsunami that hit quickly the place near the coreline of the pacific. You could see on your television thousands of people who were homeless, cars that were swiftly hit by the waves and even boats that were floating at the city. Those horrific pictures of the tragedy in Japan didnt stop there. At present, there is the catastrophe of the possible meltdown of the reactors in their Nuclear plants that added the place’s misery.

Japan is crying for help and they need our help. PLease be with us to knock the whole world for assistance in whatever way possible to reach out to people in Japan. Here are some of Japan’s relief Organizations. Please do share.

You can give your donations to :

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake. Its time to act and do something for the world. Isnt it best to share even just a penny and make a difference. Start your work of charity, here in Japan’s tragedy.

>How to Earn @ Adgitize


Adgitize is the new trend in earning online while driving traffic to your site. Yes, this is a new avenue where you can hit two stones in just one bird. I registered in the site long before but its only now that i concentrate gaining point on them.
For a newbie like me, here is a complete guide as to how you can reached the maximum points needed to earn bucks monthly.


To gain points in adgitize, you must visit publishers and click on the adgi ads. If you visit 101 publishers, you’ll gain 100 click points, however, if you are advertiser, you just need to visit and click 51 publishers to gain 100 click points.

for 100 article points, you just need to publish post to your blog which is linked to adgitize.

for advertiser points, just advertise in adgitize, it will just cost your $14 per month, which you can earn back by earning these points. I earn 65-70 cents every day, that is if I don’t feel lazy hehehe…

for adview points and pageview points, once you put the adgitize widget on your blog, you will earn those points, however the points are not consistent, it depends on the pageviews and visits to your blog.


Register Now.

>Life @ GOOGLE

>We all seek for a greener pasteur, right? and who doesnt. Even in terms
choosing the job we wanted to work, we all dream of being a part of a multi company or even just a national company but with attractive compensation. In my years of being an employee, there were instances were i dream of being in a large company and enjoy a pretty good amount of compensation package. That is basically the reason why the best of the
best in universities aim to be part of that most sought after companies.
Well, who woundt be dreaming of becoming a part of, for instance, GOOGLE? i bet we all want to become a part of that larger than life image of teh company. My curiousity, decided me to post about this dream job of mine. How is life at GOOGLE? is there laboratories or is the place sorrounded by large projectors? high tech gadgets and all those stuff. But hey, were thinking far wrong.

But Here are the list if their AWESOME benefits:

Medical Insurance: 3 Carriers
Carriers for California:

Blue Shield: PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
Kaiser: HMO
Carriers for Other States:

Blue Shield: PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or OOA (Out of Area)
Dental Insurance
Comprehensive coverage through Delta Dental.

Vision Insurance
Exams, contacts, lenses and frames all generously covered.

Flex Spending Account Plan
Includes Medical Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Assistance Plan, and Qualified Transportation Benefit.

EAP – Employee Assistance Program
Services for employees and their dependents include free short-term counseling, legal consultations, financial counseling, child care referrals, pet care referrals, and more.

Life and AD&D Insurance
Automatic coverage at 2 times annual salary.

Voluntary Life Insurance
Option to purchase additional life insurance.

Short Term & Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability Insurance coverage provided at approximately 100% of take-home pay. Long Term Disability coverage provided at 60% of salary once Short Term Disability is exhausted.

Business Travel Accident Insurance
Automatic coverage at 2 times annual salary.

Retirement and savings*
Google 401(k) Plan
Employees may contribute up to 60% and receive a Google match of up to the greater of (a) 100% of your contribution up to $3,000 or (b) 50% of your contribution up to $8,250 per year with no vesting schedule! We offer a variety of investment options to choose from through Vanguard, our 401(k) Plan Administrator. To help you with those tough investment decisions, employees can access Financial Engines to receive personalized investment advice.

529 College Savings Plan
This plan provides employees with a way to save money for post-secondary education.

Time away*
1st year: 15 days
4th year: 20 days
6th year: 25 days
12 paid holidays (sick days taken as necessary)

Maternity Benefits
Up to 12 weeks off at approximately 100% pay, eligible for an additional 6 weeks if employed at Google for more than 1 year.

Parental Leave (for non-primary caregivers)
Up to 7 weeks off at approximately 100% take-home pay

Take-Out Benefit
To help make things easier, new moms and dads are able to expense up to $500 for take-out meals during the first 3 months that they are home with their new baby.

Benefits … beyond the basics*
Tuition Reimbursement
We’ll help you pursue further education that’s relevant to what you do. You must receive grades of “B” or better. Why a “B” or better? Because we said so. Tuition reimbursement is up to $12,000 per calendar year.

Employee Referral Program
Good people know other good people. Our best employees have been hired through referrals. Google encourages you to recommend candidates for opportunities here and will award you a bonus if your referral accepts our offer. We pay out these bonuses a month after the referral starts at Google.

Back-Up Child Care
As a California employee, when your regularly scheduled child care falls through Google will provide you with 5 free days of child care per year through Children’s Creative Learning Center (CCLC). There are 13 Bay Area locations serving ages 6 weeks – 12 years.

Gift Matching Program
Google matches contributions of up to $12,000 per year from eligible employees to non-profit organizations. Bolstering employee contributions to worthy causes with matching gifts doesn’t just mean helping hundreds of organizations, both locally and globally; it’s also a tangible expression. We want Googlers to get involved – and the company is right behind you.

Adoption Assistance
Google assists our employees by offering financial assistance in the adoption of a child. We’ll reimburse you up to $5000 to use towards legal expenses, adoption agencies or other adoption professional fees. Parental leave and take-out benefit also apply. See Time Away.

Benefits … way beyond the basics*
Hungry? Check out our free lunch and dinner – our gourmet chefs create a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals every day. Got the munchies? Google also offers snacks to help satisfy you in between meals.

On-site Doctor
At Google headquarters in Mountain View, California you have the convenience of seeing a doctor on-site. Physical therapy and chiropractic services are also available.

Shuttle Service
Google is pleased to provide its Mountain View employees with free shuttles to several San Francisco, East Bay and South Bay locations.

Financial Planning Classes
Google provides objective and conflict-free financial education classes. The courses are comprehensive and cover a variety of financial topics.

Other On-Site Services
At Google headquarters in Mountain View, you’ll find on-site oil change and car wash services, dry cleaning, massage therapy, gym, hair stylist, fitness classes and bike repair.

Other Great Benefits
Halloween & holiday party, health fair, credit union, roller hockey, outdoor volleyball court, discounts for products and local attractions.

Courtesy: google company

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